Quiz Answers:  Identify and Name the Grammar Errors


Below are the answers that identify and name the errors in each sentence. We've highlighted errors in each unless the entire sentence was incorrect. 


1. Demonstrating effective continuous-tracking programs have also helped primary institutions meet more delicate regulatory expectations.

b. Missing subject-verb agreement


2. Roiling over the vast plains, we nervously watched every news report's information about the status of the approaching tornado.

a. Misplaced participle phrase


3. There is a sky-blue large round box sitting on the counter and its lid is missing and can’t be found.

c. Incorrect order of adjectives


4. Mayor Smith, who’s law enforcement background is well-known, just signed proposed legislation to extend disciplinary action against those who violate their parole.

a. Improper possessive relative pronoun


5. At the airport a group of students had there belongings illegally searched and vowed that their going to sue.

b. Confused use of homophones


6. Maria went to the grocery store. Then she took a nap. After she got home.

d. Sentence fragments


7. Alot of prominent engineers and innovators continue to push the limits of human knowledge farther and farther in the modern era.

a. Nonword used


8. Juan is a pilot who has trained with fighter pilots he knows how to operate commercial airliners too and gives flying lessons he knows how to fly a plane upside down too.

c. This is an example of a run-on sentence.


9. Henry is not upset with you, he isn’t completely pleased with you, either.

d. Comma splices are present.


10. The mountains are very extremely large, and are quite beautiful when seen from the Johnsons’ home in the lower valley.

c. Superfluous adverbs are used and there is no need for a comma.


Did you catch all of the errors and name them correctly? Let us know how you did in the comments of the blog post.