Free Proofreading Offer

for New Business Clients

No Credit Card Required

You don't need to give us a credit card or any billing information to take advantage of this offer.

We're so sure you'll love our service that we're making this offer. We'll perform a Clarity Proofreading of your English language document (MS Word or PDF format) containing up to 1,000 words at no charge.

We'll check your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors. We'll also check URLs and links to make sure they work and we'll ensure that all headings are capitalized correctly.

Try us out and see why our clients keep coming back.

To be eligible for this free offer, you must be a new business client and you must not have received a free proofreading service from us in the last 12 months.

Please Give Us Some Information

Please give us your details so we can get back to you by email with full instructions for submitting your document for your free Clarity Proofreading service.