Answers to "Murder She Did" Quiz

The correct answers to each question are listed below in blue.


1. “Missouri”

French: misery

Missouri Indians

people of the river

Siouan: westward

2. capital of Missouri

Jefferson City

St. Louis

Kansas City


3. antebellum

existing before war

existing after a war



4. blitzkrieg

the status of a legally recognized belligerent state or nation

destruction in war by means of explosives

a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire

war conducted with great speed and force

5. buzz bomb

the burst of a shell or bomb in the air

an unguided jet-propelled missile used by the Germans against England in World War II

one of the many small bombs that make up a cluster bomb

an incendiary bomb

6. haberdasher

a dealer in meat

an art collector

a dealer in men's clothing and accessories

one whose business is cutting and dressing hair, shaving and trimming beards, and performing related services

7. second A-bomb site





8. Dixiecrat

a person in the northern states who sympathized with the South during the American War Between the States

a supporter of a 1948 presidential ticket supporting the civil rights stand of the Democrats

a supporter of a 1948 presidential ticket opposing the civil rights stand of the Democrats

a politician who joins the party or movement solely for personal gain

9. acetaminophen

an oleoresin derived from the fruit of some capsicums that contains capsaicin and related compounds and is used medicinally especially as a topical pain reliever

a crystalline compound C8H9NO2 that is a hydroxy derivative of acetanilide and is used in chemical synthesis and in medicine to relieve pain and fever

a white crystalline derivative C9H8O4 of salicylic acid used for relief of pain and fever

a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug C13H18O2 used to relieve pain and fever

10. corpus delicti

the unanimous consent of all members of a jury

suffering from an infringement or denial of legal rights

the material substance (as the body of the victim of a murder) upon which a crime has been committed

constituting a legal accompaniment


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