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How to Develop Your In-House Style Guide


As proofreaders, we are often asked to follow conventions for our clients. But we sometimes find that clients don't have an in-house style guide that explains to their writers and our proofreaders what rules should be followed. Here are some of the items we're referring to:

  • how to list brand names
  • what external style manuals your organization follows
  • what common abbreviations are used in the organization
  • what words should be capitalized or hyphenated that might not follow the traditional rules
  • the writing style that should be used for your company publications, whether email, website, or printed communications

There are likely other rules your organization follows that not everyone would know about unless they are documented. This e-book will help you create your own in-house style guide if you don't have one. And if you do have one, you may find there are some things described here that are missing from it.

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